Test results for rifled vs non rifled PVC barrels


Testing Conditions:
    Ambient Temperature: ~75F
    Light and Variable Wind
    Target Range: 115 feet
    Target: Two layers of  1/2" CDX plywood, 4'x8' size
    Barrel Length: Both 1.5" x 36"  length
    Fuel used: Consistent and measured mixture of propane and oxygen
    Gun and barrel secured to test bed to allow constant barrel aiming

Test #1                                                             Test#2

Non rifled PVC 1.5" x 36" barrel.                                      Rifled PVC barrel 1.5" x 36" length.
Large spread, typical barrel performance.                           Very tight group, only one apparent flier.
rounds fired: 14                                                                  Rounds fired: 11
smbo115x10.jpg (8556 bytes)                           6rif115x10.jpg (8483 bytes)

X-axis standard deviation: +/- 13.6 inches                           X-axis standard deviation: +/- 6.7 inches (51% improvement)
Y-axis standard deviation: +/- 21.6 inches                           Y-axis standard deviation: +/-11.2 inches (49% improvement)
(4 Total misses)                                                                   (1 Total misses)

Increase in accuracy was improved by 100% in these tests.

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