Welcome to the Spudgun.com,  LED page.

I have included the specifications and instruction sheet for the products I offer. I have also included a troubleshooting page that will answer any questions you may have about the operation or the failure to operate correctly.

LED specification sheets:

LED instruction sheets:

LED troubleshooting page:

RC servo switch instruction page:

5mm LED operation demo

8mm LED operation

10mm LED Landing light operation demo

RC servo switch operation demo

Here is a set of our 10mm LEDs being used on Carl Bachhuber's giant scale C-119 flying boxcar. 
This video was taken at the 2010,  Fon Du Lac, Wi., Warbirds over the Midwest event. The lights are visible during sunny days.



LED price list


For special configurations or other questions please email me at: larryb@itis.com